My 2015 Favorite Polymer Clay Tools And Supplies

Favorite Tools 2015 - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #713: This concept of doing a year-end, favorite tools review, may just become a tradition here at the blog. Let me know what you think!

Every year I get a lot of new products that come into the studio, which I test and spend time with. Some are sent to me by the companies for review purposes, and many I buy myself.

Over time I get a good feeling of which ones emerge as favorites… based on what I use the most.

I often get questions from people a year later, after doing a demo, like… “Are you still using that?”

So I thought that at the end of every year, I would share with you what my favorite products were from the previous 12 months, and what I ended up using the most.

I have 12 items that I would like to show you today, and explain why they became my favorites for this 2015 year.

I have already done separate videos for most of them, and I will provide you with links to those clips, so you can check each one out in more detail.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite products for 2015. I would love to hear what your favorite products were this year, so make sure to leave your feedback for me in the comment section below.

Do you have any suggestions for videos on tips, techniques or products you would like to learn more about? Let me know in the comments section below!

My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Krithika P, 28 December, 2015

    I’m totally with you on the Lucy slicer and the glass working mat. My favorite tools this year! I’ve actually been caning more now, because I’m confident that the slices will be even and neat at least, even if the actual cane doesn’t work out.

    Another favorite tool I got recently, inspired by your videos is the Tim Holtz ruler. It makes it easy to mark things out and cut a very long straight line. I only wish they made it in longer lengths!

    I really like the idea of having a record of all the supplies I own. I’ve reordered something a few times recently! I’ve been trying to find a good inventory type system that will help me keep track of things and also act as a warning system when I run low on some clay color. Just writing them down and color coding them seems like a good idea!

    Also, for future tutorial suggestions, I’d love a tutorial on an inro design and on clay boxes. I’ve made some with cookie cutters and things, but it’s not as seamless as I like!

    Wishing everyone a happy New Year! Looking forward to a year filled with creative ideas!

  2. Cindy Lietz, 29 December, 2015

    Thank you Krithika for the great feedback! I am so pleased that our videos have helped you with your process and choosing the tools that work best for you. I will put your tutorial request on the list. Inros and boxes are beautiful made out of polymer clay! Happy New Year to you and your family. We are honored to have you as part of our polymer clay family! :)

  3. Anna Sabina, 28 December, 2015

    Love all your great ideas. I would like to see a tut on more efficient ways to use and extruder. I have two green Makins Ultimate extruders and use them A LOT. I am not ready to switch to another brand. Sometimes I would love to just zip the clay through. I know some people also use a caulking gun and others use an adaptor for an electric drill. Options that work with few brand of extruders will be apprciated; Makins, Walnut Hallow Czextruder.

    Thanks for all you do.


  4. Cindy Lietz, 29 December, 2015

    You’re welcome Anna! I will add your request to the list. I will have to look into options for making the other more available brands of extruders more efficient to use. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year! It has been a pleasure having you around all these years… you are big part of our happy little family!

  5. Karonkay, 29 December, 2015

    You have chosen some of my very favorite tools as well.
    I have found the slicer to be so useful even for smaller canes , I am sad to say that I have wasted so many canes with uneven slicing . I am still amazed whenever I use my Lucy clay slicer. The slices are so perfect .
    For my particular needs I have added a set of veiners for the flowers and leaves. I use them every day. And they do make my life easier.
    Isn’t it amazing when you think of the tools that we now have that we couldn’t live without. Hard to remember what we did without them. But as David always say ” You need the right tool for the job. And when you find it the cost is worth it because it will help you do the job easier and better than if you try to make do with the wrong tool.” I do love that man of mine!
    Thanks Cindy for reminding me to be grateful for the tools I have that I couldn’t live without .

  6. Cindy Lietz, 29 December, 2015

    Karon, you and Dave are some of the sweetest people I know! He is right about the having the right tool. Sure you can hit a nail with a rock… but a hammer works a lot better! :) Happy New Year! Hope 2016 is a happy and healthy year for you both!

  7. Catalina, 29 December, 2015

    I love the WeR glass mat! I use it all the time, too! I actually found small square glass cutting mats, about 12″ square (with Christmas designs on them at Bronner’s World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store, in Frankenmuth, MI, for $10.00) that work great, too! I suggested to my students to use the smaller ones so they are easier to carry to class.
    I would love to try the new pasta machine. Have you had any trouble with the handle falling off? I’m ready to switch if the handle is better.
    I guess I will have to try the tool caddy. If I can find away to carry the whole thing-full- to class that would be even better! Otherwise, I might have to invest in double EVERYTHING so won’t forget anything when going to class.
    I would like to see more miniature projects. Whether they are of food, fairy-related or flowers.

    And lastly, I can’t wait for the new website to be launched! So excited!!

  8. Dixie Ann, 29 December, 2015

    Hi Cindy, I really liked the My favorite Tools Video. Only 2 things I didn’t have and that was the shears, (already had a pair like it) and the tool holder which of course I didn’t need since I had made mine out of PVC pipe which is about twice the size of Polyforms and I really love mine. So many of us look forward to seeing what little gem you are going to come up with next and we are so glad that companies will send you things to try and rate for us. I so hope they continue to do so in 2016 because there are so many of us worldwide and for you to get the word out probably makes a terrific impact on their sales and also feeds our frenzy for new gadgets that we just can’t do without. Thank you for all your long hard hours you put in for us in 2015, (Dougs included in this) and I am so looking forward to all the new things that are going to be available in 2016, including the new website which I am sure everyone is waiting for with their tongues hanging out including me! Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

  9. Krithika P, 30 December, 2015

    Dixie Ann, I just want to add a quick note here to thank you for the PVC organizer idea. I saw yours on Pinterest and made one too!
    Mine isn’t as neat looking as yours. I used a wooden tray as a base and glued a bunch of couplers into it. It’s very haphazard looking, but fits ALL my tools! Thank you for the idea!

  10. Dixie Ann, 30 December, 2015

    Hi Doll, happy to know you liked the tool organizer. I’m sure yours is just fine for what you needed. I am such a gadget nut, I really needed something bigger. Mine is totally full and I am thinking now of buying the Polyform Organizer! :) Happy New Year everyone.

  11. Harriet Russell, 01 January, 2016

    Thanks for another helpful video, Cindy.
    One thing I was wondering about was whether you know if it’s possible to get replacement anodized aluminum rollers that I could put in my existing Atlas Marcato 150 machine? I couldn’t find any parts sources at all.
    Thank you! Harriet

  12. Cindy Lietz, 04 January, 2016

    Hi Harriet, I have not looked into that option myself. I don’t whether or not a company would offer parts to the public on something like that, though. The machine isn’t really considered that high end of a machine as far as commercial products would go and for the retail market, they might not want consumers to be taking the machines apart and fixing them, themselves. I would not be terribly surprised if the parts were not available to the public at all… but it would be nice if you could fix it rather than just get a new one. Would be way better for the environment that way!

  13. Harriet Russell, 05 January, 2016

    Hi, Cindy;
    I agree about the environmental aspect of fixing vs. buying new. That’s a big part of why I want to find parts. It bothers me, too, that I already have one cutter attachment that I don’t use…although I, too, have thought I would try it with the clay someday. The other reason, of course, is money! … Harriet

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