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Mistake #1: Trapping Air Bubbles.

MISTAKE #1: Conditioning your clay in a way that traps air bubbles which stay hidden until after the baking process... when itís too late to do anything about them. There are several pasta machine doís and doníts you simply must know in order to get rid of those unsightly bubbles forever.

Mistake #2: Not sanding properly.

MISTAKE #2: Not sanding enough... or using the wrong sandpaper and buffing materials. Proper sanding techniques can dramatically transform ho-hum bead designs into brilliant works of art.

Mistake #3: Using polymer clay straight from package.

MISTAKE #3: Using clay straight out of the package without learning how to customize your colors.  Learn how to mix beautiful color blends to give your bead jewelry creations a designer look that will have your friends saying, "Wow!"



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