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Snowy Tree Landscape Cane Pt-2 | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #233: “Cindy I really want to thank you for your generosity in promoting other artists and their styles.” ~Beverly-L

Snowy Tree “Pointillist” Cane Pt-1 | Polymer Clay Tute

Video #232: “Cindy, have you ever thought of doing a landscape cane tutorial? I would love to see how YOU do it!” ~Tina-A

A Fun Paper Punch Technique | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #231: “Cindy, I am excited that you incorporate mixed media with your polymer clay tutorials. I’m a big admirer of mixed media… 43

Stamped and Glazed Bezels | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #229: “Metal bezels — so cool, and such a great way to add metal to a clay design.” ~Phaedrakat

Hand Tinted Photo Transfers | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #228: “As far as tutorials are concerned, I would love to learn more about transfers and working with liquid clay.” ~Christl-P

Snowman Beads for Christmas | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #226: “Will you be doing any tutorials with a Christmas holiday theme?” ~Cheryl-B

Pirate Cane Part-2 Skull Cross Bones | Polymer Clay Tute

Video #225: “The skull bead is so rock star! :) Very inspiring, thanks!” ~Zarah

Halloween Pirate Cane Part-1 | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #224: “For a future tutorial, I would love to see your famous pirate cane… arrrhh!” ~DJ

Bead Cones, Multi-strand Jewelry | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #223: “I also hope you are going to give us a few hints on how to use the components that hold and… 52

Purse Shaped Charms & Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #222: “I love polymer clay because it’s the first art medium I haven’t grown bored with. There’s just too many things you… 50

Dandelion Ghost Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #218: “Been dying to see more about this cane. Mine are far from “ghost-like” which means I have a lot to learn!”… 30

Wire Riveting Introduction | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #217: “I’d like to know if you’d do a tutorial on how to use rivets for cold connections in polymer clay.” ~Anne-R

Make Your Own Crackle Paints | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #216: “At over $6 per color (plus S&H), to buy paints that’ll crackle on your clay, I couldn’t help but think there… 84

Pandora Style Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #214: “The Troll or Pandora beads… are so amazingly popular and I would love to learn how to make them.” ~Cheryl-V

Sculpted Parrot Tulip Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #213: “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a series… from around the world, tulips from Holland, the waters of Aruba, colors from… 34

Backgroundless Tulip Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #212: “Cindy, I really like the look of the flower canes without the background packing.” ~Carrie-W

Miniature Cupcake Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #211: “Making miniature food jewelry is great fun! I have many people that look forward to my latest recipes.” ~Betty-B

Hammered Copper Bookmarks | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #210: “I have two grandchildren who absolutely love to read and will love getting these hookmarks.” ~Adrienne-L

Peacock Feather Cane Part 2 | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #209: “Reclining on a velvet couch, eating bonbons and being fanned with peacock plumes (full story below).” ~Mary-U

Peacock Cane Part 1 | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #208: “Wow! Very cool Cindy, and so beautiful. I love feathers!” ~Maureen-G

Faux Stoneware | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #207: “I love the fact that many things I have learned using polymer clay can transition nicely to ceramics.” ~Carol-C

Sculpted Iris Flower Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #206: “Cindy, I would like to ask for a tute on sculptural flowers! Your lessons give us so many AHA moments.” ~Tanya-L

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