Vol-041 Oct’2011 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Pirate Cane (Part 1) 2: Pirate Cane (Part 2) 3: Snowman Beads 4: Beaded Spider Ornament

Beaded Spider Ornament Tradition | Polymer Clay Tute

Video #227: “Cute, I have about a million bugle beads so I’ll have to try this.” ~Silverleaf

Discovered Treasure Pirate Bead, Mixed Media Bracelet

Gallery (9 pics): “Buttery smooth skull and crossbones design… made for a Pirate Girl in a modern world.” ~Cindy Lietz

Vol-029 Oct’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Texture Plates; 2: Distressed Paint Finish; 3: Embossed Metal Stamps; 4: Pumpkin Canes:

Polymer Clay Tutorials | Tis the Season for Pumpkin Canes [Video]

Vid #177: I’m new to clay and my 7 yr old nephew and I want to makesome simple Halloween beads or pendants.”~Joanne-C

Halloween Jewelry Ideas Made With Polymer Clay Beads and Canes

“I love holiday stuff! Wish you were teaching us the pirate cane for Halloween. Maybe in the future??? Fingers crossed.” ~Lisa-V

Bead Spider Jewelry Made with Polymer Clay and Glass Bugle Beads

Meet Miss Pink Widow Spider… A Unique Accessory For Your Steampunk Pendants: Sometimes working with polymer clay is just too much fun! Such… 8

Mad Scientist Polymer Clay Halloween Spooker

Wishing You And Your Family A Safe, Happy And Creative Halloween! Halloween is such a fun and creative time of the year. I… 13

Pumpkin Beads Made of Polymer Clay – Great Halloween and Fall Jewelry

Pumpkin earrings for a cute trick-or-treat costume, and to wear at Thanksgiving dinner: Fall is coming so today’s theme post is about pumpkin… 7

Halloween Jewelry Idea – Spider Pendant Made From Polymer Clay Cane

Costume jewellery fashion for the upcoming trick or treat season: I know the ghosts and goblins won’t be coming out for another couple… 7

Itsy Bitsy Spider Jewelry and Beads Made with Polymer Clay Canes

Do you want to make some Gothic Jewellery, a Harry Potter Pendant or really cool Halloween Costume Jewelry? Then you’ll love this very… 15

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