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Hammered Copper Bookmarks | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hammered Copper Bookmarks with Polymer Clay Focal BeadsVid #210: “I have two grandchildren who absolutely love to read and will love getting these hookmarks.” ~Adrienne-L

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Sculptural Birdhouse Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Birdhouse BeadsVideo #201: “I’m amused by the idea of sculpted polymer clay birds with a little drinks menu, trying to decide between beer, tea or cocoa!” ~Silverleaf

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Beaded Lanyards Around the World – From India to Your Local YMCA

Beaded Lanyard with Polymer Clay Heart Focal Bead“In Nepal… the kids, nuns and monks all loved them.” ~Betsy-B

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Polymer Clay Tutorial: Interchangeable Focal Bead Pendant [VIDEO]

Polymer Clay Lace and Ink Technique

Vid #141: “What a unique way to wear and showcase a lot of different beads!” ~DJ

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Interchangeable Pendant Featuring Your Favorite Clay Focal Beads

Interchangeable Bead Pendant Design “I’m finding I’m really drawn to the focal beads and wire variations.” ~DJ

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Christmas Jewelry, Polymer Clay Projects | Holly Berry Focal Bead

Christmas Jewelry

“As someone who gave fimo pieces for Christmas in the 80′s, you’ve inspired me to a whole new art form.”

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Making Polymer Clay Jewelry with large Focal Beads and Copper Wire

Jupiter Bead Necklace

“Count me in on the “YES, PLEASE” column for anything to do with working with wire with the beads.”~Arlene-H

Today’s photo shows a pendant I made using a large Jupiter bead finished with a handmade Read More→

Beaded Bookmark Made with Hammered Copper Wire and Fimo Focal Beads

Hammered Copper Wire Bookmark

Did You Know… Beaded Bookmarks Are Also Called Book Thongs… Huh?!

Today’s photo reveals the answer to the true identity of the copper wire jewelry piece from the other day. And as most all of you so cunningly deduced, it Read More→

A Whimsical Piece of Hammered Copper Jewelry… Or is It?

Hammered Copper Jewelry

One Thing’s for Sure, The Sculpted Turquoise Focal Bead Is Made of Polymer Clay:

OK let’s have some fun with today’s photo. It’s a piece that definitely DOES require explanation. But rather than just blurting out the whole story, I’m curious to Read More→

Making Polymer Clay Flower Beads For Your Spring Jewelry Projects

Cane Slice Flower Bead

How To Make Your Handmade Bead Jewelry Items Even More Desirable:

It’s only natural that springtime and flower jewelry designs go hand in hand. So it goes without saying that flower-shaped polymer clay beads should be popular at Read More→

Polymer Clay Tutorial | How To Make Mobius Beads From Cane Slices

Polymer Clay Mobius Bead

Vid #94: A Complicated Bead Shape that’s Surprisingly Easy to Make:

When your handmade jewelry making projects call for something a bit more intricate or fancy, then a fun polymer clay bead to make is the Mobius Bead. Read More→

Selling Custom Beaded Lanyards | Make It, Wear It, They’ll Buy It

Custom Beaded Lanyard

A Simple Strategy For Selling Your Handmade Jewelry That Works… Today, Tomorrow and Even During A Recession:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Wear the polymer clay jewelry you make. Others will notice and some will ask Read More→

Beaded Eyeglass Holder Made with Polymer Clay and Glass Beads

Beaded Eyeglass Holder

Design Tips For Making Eyeglass Lanyards That Are Both Comfortable and Fashionable:

In yesterday’s post I mentioned a custom order for beaded ID badge holders and eyeglass leashes. Today’s photo is of one of Read More→

Custom Beaded Lanyard ID Badge Holders with Polymer Clay Focal Beads

Custom Beaded Lanyard

Simply Wear Your Handmade Jewelry Creations To Make More Sales:

Last month I talked about the recession and about things we can do as artists to sell handcrafted jewelry designs even during slow economic times. One thing Read More→

Flat Pirate Focal Beads for Handmade Bracelet and Jewelry Projects

Pirate Focal Bead Cuff Bracelet

Adding Fun Themes To Beaded Jewelry Using Specialty Polymer Clay Art Beads You Make Yourself:

Lately I have been putting more importance on larger polymer focal beads in my jewelry deigns. Here is a funky pirate-theme Read More→

Home Based Jewelry Business Owners – 6 Tips To Beat The Bad Economy

Selling Jewelry In A Bad Economy

How To Sell Jewelry Even In A Down Economy:

With uncertain economic times happening in the US and some other countries, your financial situation may be tightening up a bit. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do as Read More→

Bracelet Making – Custom Bead Jewelry using Polymer Clay Beads

Custom Polymer Clay Bracelet

Making Custom Polymer Clay Bead Bracelets – Pleasing The Customer Always Pays Off In The End:

Recently a friend asked me to make a custom bracelet she could give as a gift to a co-worker. She told me up front what the Read More→

Make Beaded Bracelet With Polymer Clay Focal Beads and Beading Wire

Polymer Clay Art Therapy

Looking for Blue Beaded Bracelet Designs? Why Not Make the Beads Yourself!

Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly the right beads for your jewelry making projects. You end up searching for hours through bead stores and on the Read More→

Pricing Jewelry Focal Beads on Etsy – Tips for Polymer Clay Artists

Pricing Focal Beads on Etsy

1) Using as a research tool to help you set a price for your handmade jewelry beads.

2) Educating customers about the hand made process of making beads to help them better understand the value. Read More→

Tube Beads for Jewelry Making using Gold Leaf and Fimo Polymer Clay

Crackled Gold Leaf Tube Beads

Vid #74: How to make jewelry tube beads with crackled metal leaf Fimo clay:

I’ve talked a lot lately about about using metals & foils with polyclay. The cool thing about these products is the crackling effect that you can Read More→

Polymer Jewelry to Make – Using Handmade Beads and Clay Cane Slices

Rainbow Spiral Bead

Your hand made jewelry will stand out from the crowd when you use bead designs created by YOU ! And… polymer clay canework is an important part of the process:

One of the most exciting aspects of making jewlery these Read More→

Focal Beads – Handmade by You

Focal Bead

Unique Focal Beads Are What Give Character to Your Handcrafted Jewelry Projects:

However, it’s often difficult and time consuming to find the perfect focal beads for sale at your favorite Read More→