Polymer Clay Sale at Michaels Arts and Crafts

Fimo, Premo, Sculpey

Pssssttt… Wanna buy some polymer clay… Cheap?

Every once in a while Michaels Arts and Crafts has a sale on polymer clay and unless you get their flyer, you might not know about it. So I thought I would help get the word out.

Both the US and the Canadian stores have their sale on right now. But it ends tomorrow (May 23), so you’ll have to act fast to catch them on this go round.

Fimo Classic, Fimo Soft, Premo and Sculpey III are all priced at $.99 (US) and a $1.49 in here in Canada. Figures… our dollar is finally in line with the US buck and we still have to pay 50% more!

These prices are a really good deal especially for the Premo which is the most expensive of the polymer clay brands, regularly priced at $4.65 (CDN).

So if you read this in time and can get out to a Michael’s polymer clay sale/store near you, it’s time to stock up and buy, buy, buy polymer clay today… tonight, or tomorrow! Sorry for the late notice. But if you miss this sale, be sure to keep your eyes open for the next flyer. The polymer seems to go on sale about every 2 months.

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  1. Just a quick heads up about the polymer clay sale that is happening at Michaels stores in both Canada and USA + Hobby Lobby in the US. Follow the “Bead Magazine Reviews” link by my name for more details and links that have been added to the comments section of that article post.

  2. Hi Cindy!

    I found a new polymer clay at Michael’s this week. It appears to be a generic type of clay and the name on it is “Craftsmart”. Michael’s stores is listed as the distributor. It seems to be a softer clay, bakes at 275 degrees.It comes in a variety of colors but from the stock at hand it doesn’t appear to be comprehensive. For example, there was only one red although it seemed to be fairly balanced and probably could be made warmer or cooler with mixing. Just wondering if you are familiar with this brand and if so, what you think of it.


  3. Just wanted to mention, Michael’s doesn’t seem to be carrying Fimo any longer. It’s completely gone from two different stores here in Calif., and there’s no spot on the shelves for it. I guess Michael’s is Pro-Sculpey, all the way!

    They have added lots of great new tools, though. By Premo, Sculpey, Mona Lisa, and Lisa Pavelka! There are new blades, texture plates, mini shape-cutters, metal powders, bezels, foils, waterslide transfers, a Walnut Hollow extruder (like the Makins’, but with a cool, folded crank-handle,) and a cool clay embossing set, including a case. I posted about the cool new things I found at Michaels here: Jewelry making Supplies

    There’s also a link in the comment that will take you to Linda K’s review of the new Walnut Hollow extruder (it’s on Cindy’s Makin’s extruder post.)

  4. Kat, my little Michaels store in Vermont still has Fimo. Could be that they’re just waiting for it to sell out of my store, but usually they put it on sale when they want to get rid of it. Might be just a regional thing.

    • @Linda K.: Hi Linda, is the Fimo on clearance in your store? It went to a 99-cent clearance price in my stores first, then it was all gone. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that’s the case everywhere, but they redid the entire clay section, leaving no space for Fimo. If they bring it back, there’s nowhere to put it! I guess time will tell. They sure like to keep us guessing , huh? Luckily, I’ve got plenty of clay to keep me going. Actually, I’m still super-excited about all the new goodies they brought into the clay section (and jewelry — the metal tools.) It’s just so nice to finally have some decent new products after staring at the same stuff for years! BTW, I’m so happy your conv. oven is working out so well!

    • @Linda K.: Doh! I’m sorry! You mentioned, “usually they put it on sale when they want to get rid of it.” Which makes my question about whether Fimo’s on clearance in your store ridiculous! I got a bit sidetracked — sorry about that! :S

  5. Hi there!

    I’ve been desperately trying to find somewhere that stocks the full range of premo clay and am having no luck… can you help ?! (I’m on Vancouver Island, but am willing to buy on-line too)

    Thank you so much : )

  6. Sept 15-21, 2013, Premo, Fimo, and Sculpey III on sale for US$0.99 at Michaels. They are advertising lowest prices of the season on several items so you might want to make a list of things you need and check their sales flyer (available on their website). Several jewelry making items are on sale, including strung beads and storage containers. And remember, though certain colors go fast, Michaels usually does rainchecks. (I found this old posting and decided it was a better one to list these sales!)

  7. November 17-23, 2013, Premo, Fimo, and Sculpey, 2oz blocks are 4/$5.00, or $1.25 each (US). Bring your earplugs though because the last time I was there a really annoying mechanical Christmas display was playing tinny Xmas music on an endless loop!

    Just checking – does it help any to get these notices of the polymer sales?

  8. Hi Bertha… just wanted to let you know that your efforts to announce when clay goes on sale at Michael’s, are really appreciated. Although not everyone pops in to respond, there are many followers that do get value from the information. For example… Elaine Faulks from England but shopping at a Michaels in Florida this week.

    Btw… Doug has the “recent comments” widget set up now, so that the all of these comments in these older posts, do in fact get “visibility” in the sidebar column of this site. In other words, Bertha, your comments are getting seen. So… thank you for taking the time to share :-)

  9. So sorry – forgot to post earlier that Michaels has a 50% off clay sale this week. So there are only two days left. I guess if you have theatre tickets this weekend you’ll just have to blow them off to fill any holes in your clay stash. ;-) Upside is that if you can get a 40% off coupon, Michaels carries the Walnut Hollow Extruder Cindy just reviewed.

  10. Sale time again, Sept 14-20! Polymer is $5 for 4 blocks (2oz/58g size – probably also $1.25/block but check the signs to be sure.) Unfortunately, I think Michaels is stocking little, if any, Premo Soufflé, though maybe they will if enough other brand colors are sold out. Jewelry display props and craft storage also on sale.

  11. Cindy, just wanted thank you so much for all the work you do make such interesting lessons for us. I love the videos you make. these beads are great.

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