Introducing The New Lucy Clay Mini Slicer

Lucy Clay Mini Slicer - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #687: This smaller cousin of the original LC Slicer, is a great choice for those who don’t need all the features of the larger unit.

Today I will be demoing the brand new LC Mini Slicer by Lucy Clay Tools, a company based out of the Czech Republic. This European styled slicer, is designed to evenly cut small to medium sized, unbaked polymer clay canes. It’s much smaller than the regular LC Slicer, and is less than half the price. So it is well suited for those who work with smaller canes… have less storage space… want more portability… or simply just can’t afford the larger model. This tool is sturdy and well designed, though not quite as precise or as versatile as the larger unit. The LC Mini Slicer is currently only available direct from the manufacturer (see link below video), but will be eventually be made available through the other regional distributors at some point. It is good quality and a very useful product to have in your studio.

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  1. Dixie Ann, 06 July, 2015

    Thank you Cindy for the demo on the LucyClay Mini Slicer. It is really a neat tool to have especially if you want to take it on the road with you and don’t have a lot of room to pack the big one. I can see several reasons why it would be nice to have one just because it is smaller and more compact. I was kind of on the edge as to whether I wanted to order one or not but after seeing your demo, I think I am going to go for it. This would also make a wonderful gift considering the lower cost.

  2. Diane Bruce, 10 July, 2015

    I just wanted everyone to know that I do have the minislicer being delivered to me today. I will have the listing for it up on my Etsy shop later on in the day.

  3. Anna Sabina, 30 September, 2015

    i bought the LC mini slicer and have been having some problems with it and I am looking for suggestions. It seems to pull the “moving plate” backwards when beginning to slice through the cane. I am not sure if it is because the cane is cool after rested at room temperature of about 70 degrees. Mine did not come with the grid decale on the slicer plate, it was hard getting it on straight.

  4. Diane Bruce, 30 September, 2015

    Anna, because the slicing plate is movable, I find it a lot easier to hold the plate in place when I am slicing with the mini slicer. I use my left hand to move the slicer plate for the next slice and then I keep the plate in place by bracing my thumb and middle finger against the small end piece. (the piece that Cindy took off in the video). I hold the slicer plate down with the palm of my hand so that it doesn’t move when I slice.

    It takes some practice to be able to slice evenly. I practice with a log of junk clay, just slicing over and over again. Slicing a cool cane is actually easier than slicing a warm cane, so I don’t think that is an issue. Please feel free to email me with any more questions you have and if you need a new grid decal I have some.

  5. Anna Sabina, 01 October, 2015

    Thanks for the tips. I was using a similar technique and kept reminding myself to watch where all my fingers were before pushing down. The slicing plate does not move back very much but I kept wondering if I was doing something wrong.

  6. Catalina, 01 October, 2015

    Anna, I’m curious about how you are handeling the Mini Slicer. Are you still having issues with it? I’m still not sure if I “need” one just yet. I like the concept but, I wonder how easy it really is to use. I talked to Cindy about this and she does recommend the larger one if you are to invest in one. But, I don’t work with huge canes that much. Or projects that require many uniform slices. I know getting new tools is super cool! Hopefully, you are finding it helpful.

  7. Anna Sabina, 02 October, 2015

    I am getting the hang of it more but I still am not sure why it pulls back. The best feature of the slicer is the extreme sharp heavy duty blade providers consistent pressure across the blade while slicing.
    I have a friend that has purchased several cane slicers and this does work the best.

    It is not very often that I need exact slices but I am covering wine glasses with the exuded retro cane and it is much easier if the slices are the same thickness. I have covered many wine glasses with PC and recommend placing the clay on the glass in slices even if you are not using a patterned cane; covering a curved object is tricky.

    I would love to have the large LC slicer but cannot justify the $250.00. It is a great tool for many people but just don’t do that much with clay.

    I hope to post my wine glasses on Cindy’s Facebook soon.

  8. Becky Sue M, 05 October, 2015

    I bought the LC slicer and I love it. It is bigger than the mini but the footprint is not that large. I wasn’t sure if I was purchasing something that I would only use once in a while but I have found that it is now a go-to-tool. I found a permanent spot on my clay table for it.

    So why do I love it so much? I don’t have to think or be careful about my slices any more. Once you set up the cane so that the slicer will take a paper-thin clean cut you are ready to slice to your heart content. I have marked my dial with 1/4 turn increments and then decide how many marks I want to spin it and take the slice. It is repeatable and doesn’t take much time to cut all the pieces you want from a single cane. Some times when I want a couple of different canes cut to the same thickness I will set up all the canes at the same time and then in no time I have them sliced.

    I like that the blade comes straight down on my canes instead of at a diagonal like the mini is set up. I also found that I had to go back and purchase the LC Angle base so that the gap is filled in and you can take slices to the very end of your cane.

    Cindy asked me to come and post my feeling about the purchase and I must say it is expensive but I can’t see me not having one ever in the future.

  9. Diane Bruce, 05 October, 2015

    I’m glad that you like the slicer so much. Having the angle base really helps. I make a lot of canes and I don’t think I would ever want to go back to slicing them by hand.

  10. Doug Lietz, 06 October, 2015

    Just want to give a shout out to Diane Bruce for the care and attention she gives to customers who purchase the Lucy Clay Tools through her online store.

    There was another PcT member here, who purchased through someone else, and then ran into some problems with the order. It was Diane that ended up making everything right. So… my suggestion is to definitely look her up if you are in the market for Lucy Clay Tools :-)

  11. Diane Bruce, 06 October, 2015

    Thank you Doug.

  12. Krithika P, 06 October, 2015

    I have the larger regular slicer and love it for millefiori style canes. I recently bought the mini slicer for techniques like Natasha beads where I don’t want to pull out the larger slicer. I’m experiencing the same pull back issue. I ended up getting a diagonal cut! There’s definitely a learning curve. I love my larger Lucy slicer, with the turning knob and rigid blade, there’s very little margin for error. I’ve been making more canes since I bought it! The price is a little steep, but I think it’s worth it. I don’t waste my precious cane pattern with imperfect slices, and I get so much more out of it because I can cut paper thin slices.

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