Halloween Jewelry Idea – Spider Pendant Made From Polymer Clay Cane

Polymer Clay Spider Pendant Necklace

Costume jewellery fashion for the upcoming trick or treat season:

I know the ghosts and goblins won’t be coming out for another couple of months yet, but as crafters we need to plan well ahead for Halloween. Here’s a fun and simple Spider Necklace to make from polymer clay. Perfect for wearing with any creepy costume. It’s even classy enough to wear as an every day pendant if insect or bug jewelry is your thing.

This spider pendant was made using a thick slice from the “Itsy Bitsy” polymer clay cane I showed you a while back.

The neat thing about the bead used for this pendant is its simplicity… just a slice of a Fimo Cane, sanded and polished to a silky smooth finish. I love how all the detail comes from the cane itself, rather than from the shape of the bead.

Built with Skinner Blend canes, this little Arachnid has lots of personality. A neat variation would be to use a glow in the dark polymer clay either in the spider or the background. Could be a really cool effect at night!

I often wear this spider necklace as an every day piece with jeans. It always draws attention and gets comments. But it could also be worn as part of a Halloween Costume or as a Gothic fashion accessory.

Harry Potter fans may find this spider jewellery fun to wear as well. Speaking of being a Potter fan and Halloween, last year I dressed up as the eccentric Luna Lovegood… Radish Earrings and all!

So what are you or your kids or grandkids going to be for Halloween this year? Is the costume going to involve polymer clay canes or spider pendant jewelry? Please do share your ideas and stories below in the comments section. It will make for some fun conversation!

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  1. your web site is very interesting
    i loved the the pumpkin and the spider….i made a spider last year when i just started with the polymer clay but this look much better and i am going to try it.
    have a good day

  2. @Ayelet: Thank you so much for your comments! Welcome to the site!

    @jane: Thank you for your comment and welcome!

    As soon as you are ready to make beads, make sure you check out my Bead Making Course. (The link is by my name.) You will learn everything you need to know about making really great polymer clay beads without the hassles and mistakes of trying to learn on your own!

  3. Your spider pendant made out of Plymer Clay is unique and awesome looking. I love it! I will send my friends and family to your site.

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