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Fixing Bubbles in Your Flat Baked Polymer Pieces

Polymer Clay Fixing BubblesVideo #372: Even when flaws show up after baking, there is still something you can do.

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How To Keep Bubbles Out Of Your Polymer Clay

Avoiding Bubbles Polymer ClayVideo #371: Tricks of the trade to help make your polymer clay projects look more professional.

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Avoiding Fingerprints On Your Polymer Clay Projects

Avoiding Fingerprints on Polymer ClayVideo #370: Finger prints and flaws will make you look like an amateur, which is not a good thing.

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How to Salvage and Re-use Leftover Color Blend Pieces

Saving Your Color Blends - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #278: Plus a handy tip that lets you see all of beautiful color blends at a glance. ~Cindy Lietz

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Tips For Filling Metal Bezels | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Filling Bezels with Polymer ClayVid #195: “Metal adds
a little something extra
to polymer clay. I think these
bezels are great and can see
making little PC charms with
them as well.” ~Phaedrakat

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Mixing Custom Color Recipes | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Mixing Color RecipesVid #193: “Can you say
MUD!!? I’ve had my fair
share of mixing the wrong
colors together but thanks to
your color recipes I’m doing a
lot better now!” ~Katina-K

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Inlay Technique for Polymer Clay Jewelry, Faux Bone Pendant [Q&A]

Polymer Clay Inlay Pendant “I never had any interest in this type of inlay design before, but now… I need to know how!” ~Linda-K

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Most Asked Beginner Question… How To Bake Polymer Clay Properly

Baking Polymer Clay Beads “I am new to working with polymer clay and the biggest problem I have is with the baking process.” ~Shari-R

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Polymer Clay Tutorial | Poppy Flower Beads for Your Jewelry Projects

Poppy Beads

Vid #125: “Yes, yes, a big yes for the poppy beads! Please show us how to make them!” ~Squash

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Polymer Clay Instructions – 5 Tips to Make Your Bead Life Easier

Beads on Piercing Wire

Want Better Beads that Look More Professional? Then Don’t Ignore these Simple Basics:

Little things can sometimes make all the difference in the world! Today’s post provides you with 5 polymer clay bead making tips to always keep in mind: Read More→

Cornstarch and Polymer Clay Beads | Things That Belong Together

Baking Polymer Clay Beads In Cornstarch

Wondering if Alex Trebek Ever Used this as a TV Game Show Category on Jeopardy… LOL:

Last week I posted an informal survey asking for feedback about your favorite polymer clay tools and supplies. However, after a total of 23 comments, no Read More→

Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

Conditioning Polymer Clay

Hmmmm… Let Me See… YESSSSS!!!

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Craft Room Organization – Specific Advice for Storing Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Storage

Your Precious Blocks of Premo or Fimo Clay Will Get Damaged if You Don’t Store Them Properly:

Now that Spring has officially arrived, it’s time to do a little organizing around the craft room. This should include cleaning Read More→

Shiny Beads – 6 Tips for Getting a Polymer Clay Gloss Finish

Shiny Polymer Clay

How To Get Your Polymer Clay Beads To Sparkle Like Glass:

One of the wonderful qualities about polymer clay is that it can be polished to a very glassy finish… if you use the proper techniques. Below are 6 tips to help make your beads shine. Read More→

Learn How to Make Polymer Clay Beads & Canes From Your Own Home

Winter Twigs

No Need To Go Out Into The Cold When You Can Learn All About Making Polymer Clay Beads Via The Web:

Look at the frost on these branches! Baby it’s cold outside! So why freeze your butt off driving to a class, when you can be Read More→

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Faux Turquoise Beads For A Unique Bracelet

Faux Turquoise Polymer Clay Beads

An Old Food Processor Will Come In Very Handy For This Faux Stone Project:

Right now I am working on the next set of polymer clay tutorials to add to the video library. Due to popular demand, one of those videos is all about making Read More→

How To Make Beads | You Must First Condition Your Polymer Clay

Conditioning Polymer Clay

Not Conditioning Your Clay Properly, Will Lead To Disappointment:

If you have worked with polymer clay for awhile, the process of conditioning your Fimo or Sculpey is second nature. You know it needs to be done, so you Read More→

Make Polymer Clay Pendants and Flat Beads Smooth and Bubble Free

Trapped Air Bubbles in Polymer Clay

Trapped Air in Your Polymer Clay Beads or Pendants Can Quickly Ruin a Piece of Jewelry:

There are a few tricks that you can do to prevent air from getting into your clay. Here are a few of them along with some tips for Read More→

Conditioning How To – Polymer Clay Tools, Techniques and Instructions

Conditioning Polymer Clay By Hand

Several different ways to condition Fimo clay?

I don’t have a pasta machine. Is there another way to condition the clay? I didn’t realize the amount of work involved when I bought the clay. Can I use a roller instead of a pasta machine? Read More→

Ideas and Instructions – Polymer Clay Projects Using Scrap Clay

Scrap Polymer Clay

Left over Premo, Sculpey, Fimo & Kato Polyclay can be used for making beads, color mixes & polymer clay molds:

If you ‘play’ with polymer clay, you are definitely going to end up with lots of scraps. They come from cane designs that didn’t Read More→

Translucent Sculpey Clay, Fimo Clay, Premo, Cernit, Kato | Comparison

Translucent Clay Brand Comparison

7 Things to Know About Translucent Polymer Clay for Jewelry Bead Making:

There are so many things to learn about the different brands of polymer clays. Today’s article will focus on a special type of clay called translucent. It is Read More→

Art Teachers Resources: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

Sculpey Club Penguin Sculpture

No need to “dumb down” polymer clay instructions for children. You’ll be amazed how quick they learn:

Q: Hello Cindy – Next week I begin teaching middle schoolers different craft techniques & I’m starting with Fimo Clay
. Read More→