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Acetone For Removing Fingerprints From Polymer Clay

Removing Fingerprints From Polymer Clay Using AcetoneVideo #390: Of course it’s best to avoid getting finger prints on your polymer clay in the first place.

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Drilling Holes In Your Polymer Clay Beads

Drilling Polymer Clay BeadsVideo #386: Making straight clean bead holes using a hand held metal twist drill bit.

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How to Polish Polymer Clay Beads in a Rock Tumbler

Polishing Polymer Clay In A Rock TumblerVideo #363: Introducing a new polishing substrate to use in your polymer clay rock tumbler.

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Using Gilder’s Paste on Your Polymer Clay

Using Gilders Paste On Your Polymer ClayVideo #360: So many colors to work with… Red Tulip, Damson, German Silver and many more.

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Renaissance Wax For Finishing Polymer Clay

Renaissance WaxVideo #358: This microcrystalline polish was originally formulated at the British Museum in the 1950′s.

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Polishing Papers For Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

Polishing Papers Polymer Clay TutorVideo #346: A low tech sanding and polishing solution that will get the job done!

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Sanding and Buffing Your Polymer Clay Is Worth It

Sanding vs Not Sanding Polymer ClayVideo #337: It feels so silky… almost like running your fingers across a piece of the finest satin that money can buy.

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Be Careful Which Varnish You Use With Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tutor Christmas TreeVideo #326: Plus a Christmas (Singing) Surprise from the Lietz Family… Bloopers Included.

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Waterproofing Hemp Cord Using PYM II

Waterproofing Hemp CordVideo #281: I can now wear my bracelet again without smelling like a wet dog! ~Cindy Lietz

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Simple Tips To Avoid Burning Your Polymer Clay

Avoid Burnt BeadsVideo #280: The trick is to never let the temperature spike. ~Cindy Lietz

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Liver Of Sulfur Metal Patina | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Liver of Sulfur - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #237: “I’d love to see some tips on how to patina different types of wire and metal.” ~Michelle-A

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Vol-034 Mar’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 34

Video Tutorials:
1: Rose Petal Beads;
2: Fill Bezels with Clay;
3: Wax Polishing Your Beads;
4: Grape Hyacinth Cane:

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Finishing Wax as a Bead Polish | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Wax Polishing Your Polymer Clay BeadsVid #196: “Is there
any information about
using Minwax with polymer
clay? I tried it on a sample
piece. It looks good now, but
will it stay good?” ~Claycass

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Vol-029 Oct’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 29

Video Tutorials:
1: Texture Plates;
2: Distressed Paint Finish;
3: Embossed Metal Stamps;
4: Pumpkin Canes:

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Distressed Paint Finish Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Distressed Paint Finish It opens a wide
array of
for even more surface

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Polymer Clay Tutorial | Distressed Paint Finish [Video]

Distressed Paint Finish on Polymer ClayVid #175: I purposely
leave little cracks and
scratches in the beads, then
use acrylic paint to antique
them once they’re baked &
sanded.” ~Silverleaf

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Vol-026 July 2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 26

Video Tutorials:
1: Butterfly Cane;
2: Rocker Beads;
3: Faux Dichroic Glass;
4: Micromesh Abrasives:

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Micro Mesh Abrasives Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Micromesh Sanding Abrasives “I have been using
the same Micromesh
pads I started with over a
year ago and they are still
very usable. LOVE IT!”

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Polymer Clay Tutorial | Sanding with Micromesh Abrasives [Video]

Micromesh Cushioned Abrasives for Sanding Polymer ClayVid #165:
“Those micro
mesh sanding pads look
very nice and easy to hold.”

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Vol-024 May 2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 24

Video Tutorials:
1: Ivy Leaf Charms;
2: Leopard Cane;
3: UV Epoxy Resin;
4: Zebra Cane:

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Baking Polymer Clay Beads and Pendants – Tips for Awkward Shapes

Polymer Clay Penant

“Help Cindy! Can you tell me if there is a special way I should bake this item?” ~Aims

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Use Gravity to Help Your Lortone Tumbler Perform Better with Beads

Lortone Rock Tumbler

“I tend to save my baked beads now until I have a tumbler full and then tumble sand it.” ~Tina-H

Many of you have started to use a rock tumbler for polishing your polymer clay beads. This is great time saver that will help to Read More→