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Relaxation Therapy, Spliced Flower Cane, Lentil Beads [Spotlight]

“My doctor told me that I should be living in a beach house making jewelry.” ~Brenda-M

Wholesale Pricing Tips for Your Polymer Clay Beads [Spotlight]

“I’m just so excited and scared and excited and confused… did I say excited?” ~Melinda-H

Glow in the Dark Pendant, Faux Hammered Metal Bezel [Spotlight]

“Polymer Clay is so great! You can do just about anything with it.” ~Carolyn-F

Crackled Ink Technique with a Side Dish of Mokume Gane [Spotlight]

“My daughters loved it – they said it was cool and funky.” ~Cheryl-H

Help, Another Cracked Bead Problem that Needs Solving [Spotlight]

“I am hoping to find out what went wrong with these cracking Kato Clay beads.” ~Ritzs

Faux Rhondite Tutorial, Pretty in Pink Jewelry Stones [Spotlight]

“In a Quandry… I decided polymer clay might come to my rescue again.” ~Laurel-B

Extruder Flower Cane Projects | Polymer Clay Guilds

Spotlight: “We all had fun making these quick and easy canes and appreciate Freda for getting us started with it.” ~Priscilla-L

Polymer Clay Golf Stroke Counters and Glowing Buttons [Spotlight]

“It’s 5 in the morning here and I’m looking for my Glow in the Dark clay. LOL.” ~Bonnie-K

California Seashells and Polymer Clay Drift Wood [Spotlight]

“The result is my take on your inlay technique. Quite honestly, I love it!” ~Carolyn-F

Swirling Leftover Clay from a Mica Shift Project [Spotlight]

“I wondered if it would swirl. And to my surprise, it did. I love it!” ~Ritzs

Jewelry Consignment Shops Love Faux Carved Bone [Spotlight]

“Then their eyes just about popped out of their heads. They really liked the tribal bead and…” ~Anna-S

Interchangeable Pendants, First Kaleidoscope Canes [Spotlight]

“This is a great way to show our projects… just like the gallery I was getting at, Cindy.” ~Elizabeth-K

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Alpine Succulent Palette [Sue-F]

1B: Succulent Red 2B: Frosted Leaf 3B: Succulent Green 4B: Forest Floor

Polymer Clay Buttons, Faux Malachite Beads, Lace Hearts [SPOTLIGHT]

“I need help with my malachite beads… not sure what to put them with… searching for suggestions.” ~Anna-S

Purse Charm, Spliced Cane, Lentil Beads, Kaleidoscope [Spotlight]

“Cindy, thought you might like to see it since this idea came from you!” ~Carolyn-F

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Blue Hosta Palette [Sue-F]

1A: BlueHostaBlossom 2A: Cafe-o-lait 3A: Stone Hearth 4A: Bitter Chocolate

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Spice and Serenity Palette [Sue-F]

1: Burnt Orange 2: Martian Sand 3: Cinnamon Glow 4: Milky Mocha 5: Merino

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Pansy Flower Spring Color Palette

1B: Pansy 2B: Viola 3B: Lemon Zest 4B: Midnight

Polymer Clay Spotlight Summary (Part 4) 2009-11-06 to 2009-12-18

“You have inspired me to get my hands in the clay instead of just looking at all the wonderful things Cindy shows us.”… 10

Polymer Clay Spotlight Summary (Part 3) 2009-09-18 to 2009-10-23

“I do believe it will have a big influence in raising the artistic status of polymer clay in the community.” ~Cara-L

Polymer Clay Spotlight Summary (Part 2) 2009-08-07 to 2009-09-11

“Thanks, Cindy, for spotlighting artisans that point us in new directions.” ~Beadspiration

Polymer Clay Spotlight Summary (Part 1) 2009-07-12 to 2009-07-31

“Cindy as much as I love your videos I hope you will be taking Christmas day off.” ~Peggy-B

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